Ready to make the next step with you choir or vocal group?
Do you want to benefit from 34+ years of experience in vocal music on a Worldwide level?
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Perpetuum Jazzile, a world renowned vocal orchestra and one of the most viewed vocal groups in the world, has been developing the tricks of the trade since 1983 and our coaches are here for you with their knowledge and experience.

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It has never been easier to arrange a coaching format that will suit your needs best.

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Hourly Skype Sessions (60 min)
80 Euros prepaid

Click here to schedule your free appointment with us today to get started.

Schedule your free introductory skype session and discuss your optimal coaching program needs (tailor-made content, schedule, coaches, etc.)

After your free introductory skype session, you will be appointed a coach/coaches, whose expertise will suit your needs best.
When you begin the program, your designated coach(es) will evaluate your issue(s) and provide the best strategy to achieve your goal(s).

1-Month Skype Coaching Program (min. 5 sessions x 45 min)
270 Euros prepaid (at 5 sessions)
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3-Month Coaching Program (up to 13 sessions x 45 min)
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6-Month Coaching Program (up to 26 sessions x 45 min)
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  • I would like to have my coaching sessions longer (my coaching program period less lengthy). Would that be possible?
    Of course, if that is what you prefer. However, one 45-minute sessions per week would be recommended so you can experience your new leadership approaches with your group on a regular weekly basis.
  • Times of my availability can be quite different from one week to another. Would it be possible to schedule coaching sessions at different times and days of the week?
    Sure. You just (re)schedule your skype session here as soon as possible or at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Why would I want to choose a longer coaching program instead of a shorter one?
    It is not just about the discounted fee. It mainly all depends on the complexity and variety of your issue(s). For example, if you would like to work on one of your songs just in terms dynamics and phrasing, a monthly sessions format would probably be enough. But if you would like to tackle a larger part of your group’s program, and perhaps add rhythmical issues to dynamics and phrasing, a 3- or 6-month coaching program would probably work better for you.
  • Can a colleague from my group participate at my skype coaching program?
    Sure, and at a fraction of the fee. For each person you choose to add per session, you just add 20% of the basic hourly fee.
  • Is it possible to combine my skype coaching program with coming over to Ljubljana to work with my coach(es) in person?
    Sure, you are more than welcome. And the coaching program of your choice would be redesigned in order to fit your needs best. We will also be more than happy to assist you with your travelling, accommodation, food, and leisure time arrangements in Ljubljana.

2-Day Weekend Workshops (Saturday-Sunday)
5-Day Summer Workshops (Wednesday-Sunday)

For more information and the variety of possibilties including:
· engaging Perpetuum Jazzile demonstration group of singers or/and
· combining group workshops with a full-blown Perpetuum Jazzile concert),

please do not hesitate to write to, or call him at +386 41 517 560, or schedule your free introductory skype session here with him.
For group workshops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland you can also contact our colleague, +49 171 283 1501.

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